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Search Engine Optimization Overview

Our Search Engine Optimization strategy includes both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We will optimize every aspect of your website including speed, internal linking, external linking, title tags, and meta descriptions, local rich snippets, content types, and more. Our strategies are highly effective, natural SEO that provides immediate results and helps your most valuable audience find you online.


Our On-Page SEO Services include a team of experts that have experience optimizing websites for SEO. We are fully equipped to perform all the research to make sure that your website is ready to be read by google and other search engines. SEO is a long-term investment, but it pays off when done correctly.

Local Content Types

We are experts in creating all types of content including news articles, videos, blog posts, white papers, news letters and email blasts, info graphics, social media posts, how to guides, Q&A, case studies, eBooks and more. All the content we create is fully optimized to generate traffic from search engines and social media.

Image & Video Optimization

Our services also include image optimization. Google does not see the images on your site so the rely on Image Titles and ALT Descriptions. We optimize these with highly relevant keywords to the content on your page. We also index them with Google which will show up under the images tab in Google search and can drive additional traffic. We implement code to serve the correct image dimensions to prevent unnecessary load time from larger sizes.

Market Research

Our SEO services start with in-depth market research analyzing your local competitors. We use the latest opposition research software to determine what is working for your competitors, what can be improved and what to avoid. We analyze the keywords they are generating the most traffic for, site structure, content types, page load speeds and many of the other elements listed below.

Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects of quality local search engine optimization is knowing what keywords to optimize the content on your site for. In conjunction with our market and opposition research we use the latest cloud based software to determine the right keywords to target for your local market. The targeting of keywords is based on search volume and relevance to the products and/or services you offer. We are able to rank your posts and pages high in search results in a relatively short time using the strategies below.

Page Speed

Page speed is one of the most important ranking signals to Google’s algorithm for both desktop and mobile searches. Google is looking for page load speeds of 2 seconds or less. We will test and optimize your entire site. This includes image optimization compression, hosting recommendations, CSS and JavaScript magnification, browser and varnish caching, content distribution networks, Gzip compression, lazy loading, pre-loading, daily database optimization and more.

Local Business Schema

Schema Markup is code that tells Google specific information that is used in the search results for local businesses. This includes your address, featured image, website links, carousels, logos, social media profiles, videos, product information like ratings, articles, events, menus, business hours and more. We are able to implement all this code to ensure that your website is communicating all the relevant information about your business to Google. This will increase your rankings and click through rates in search, dramatically increasing your organic traffic.

Mobile Friendly Optimization

Another critically important factor in organic rankings is whether or not your site is mobile friendly, optimized for mobile devices. This is detectable by Google and greatly impact user behavior. We will optimize all of your pages for mobile search which includes the layout, schema, images, videos, html elements, CSS code and more. Most companies who pass a mobile test have not fully optimized all of the above factors as well. They fail to look at all the areas that affect page load speed which is critically important to mobile user experience.

Website Internal & External Linking

Our services include the optimization of both your sites internal and external links. Internal links are those that lead to different sections of your website. By using these links in the text of your content it allows us to place link titles which describe the page to Google and it enables Google to more efficiently crawl, as well as index your site. External links are used to increase credibility and authority to your site. We use contextual external links leading to authoritative informational resources related to the link text keyword.

Content Optimization and Marketing

Along with optimizing your content with internal and external links we will also provide Content Optimization which will optimize all your content with highly relevant keywords and related keywords based on competition and monthly search volume. This service also includes optimizing you headings, H1, H2. H3 and H4 through H6 tags. We use both Keyword Density and Latent Semantic Indexing methodologies for the optimization of your content. In addition to content optimization we also invite you check out our Content Marketing Services.


We have extensively designed our various services so that any business can cop up with our services, no matter how big or small. Our SEO team is highly experienced so that they can provide excellent results. The main goal of off-page SEO is to get other sites to link to your site, mention your brand, and reference your site. Let us show you our previously completed projects here.

Video Submissions

Video Submissions We will take your videos and submit them to a wide range of different video hosting websites. We are able to develop relevant backlinks to the titles and descriptions of the video page. Each video your company has can provide over 10 different backlinks, 10 videos being worth 100 highly authoritative link.

Guest Blogging

In conjunction with our Content Marketing Service we will create a highly effective guest blogging campaign. We will write articles highly relevant to your industry and services, execute outreach to related and high authoritative blogs, post these articles with contextual backlinks providing a huge boost in rankings. Click the image to the right to see an example of content types and our methodology.

Article Writing & Marketing

Our Content Marketing Services also include writing articles and posting them on publishing sites like Substack. Much like guest blogging we can create articles with highly relevant, contextual backlinks. An additional benefit to sites like Substack is that we can increase subscriber and customer aquisition.

Research Papers & PDFs

Our Content Marketing Services also include writing research papers and PDF documents. We include contextual backlinks in them and submit them to a wide range of different publishing sites creating a huge number of highly relevant links. There is a compounding effect because this type of content is usually linked to and aggregated on other sites across the web.

Mobile App

Our Mobile App Development Service also provides a large number of highly authoritative backlinks. Not only will you get incredibly powerful links from the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store, but also from a large number of app listing sites. This and the video submissions are the fastest way to increase relevant backlinks.

Questions, Reviews, Testimonials and Comments

Another strategy that we utilize to great success is asking questions on Q&A sites, as well as, writing reviews, testimonials and comments on other related and highly authoritative websites and blogs. We are able to use highly searched and business related keywords in the link text to develop high quality links across the web. This also has the added benefit of generating traffic from these sites.

Profile Backlinks

Profile backlinks accomplish two goals at the same time. They increase brand exposure and create links on high quality sites. Two examples of these sites are and We will create detailed profiles and can even push content to many of these sites created with our Content Marketing Service providing a substantial increase in traffic.

Event Listings

Does your local business put on Events? This is another source of high quality links that accomplishes multiple goals at one time. We are able to push your events to multiple sites increasing your brand exposure, event registrations and high quality backlinks.

eCommerce SEO

Have you launched a new eCommerce website? We offer seo services tailored to improve your site rankings and get you seen online as well as generating more sales online. Our eCommcere SEO services can help you to get your website ranking higher in the SERPs, which can lead to increased online traffic and more business opportunities.

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